Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP)

The refresher theory is Now in our online classroom , with the practical at a social distance (no need for anyone in your cab) 

The Petroleum Driver Passport is renewed on a five year cycle, but has an annual refresher requirement necessary to keep the five year certificate valid.

The PDP scheme applies to drivers who load, offload and transport the following productsPDP Logo.

UN1202 - Gas oil or diesel fuel or heating oil, light

UN1203 - Gasoline or petrol motor spirit

UN1223 - Kerosene

UN1863 - Fuel, aviation and turbine engines

The PDP is an industry initiative, backed by the government to ensure all tanker drivers in the UK are trained and assessed to a consistent high standard.  The PDP scheme sets a benchmark in competencies against which all road tanker drivers who are loading, transporting and offloading petroleum fuel products in road tankers in the UK are measured.  Competency is assessed both practically and in the classroom.


Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) Course

The PDP course is split into two sections one half day practical assessment and the second half day classroom based assessment.

Here at Corridans we are able to offer both parts, the classroom based PDP course at our training centre and the practical assessment for companies in their workplace utilizing the company's vehicle.

For terminal operators this provides a level of confidence that tanker drivers holding a valid PDP who enter the terminal boundary to load products, have achieved and demonstrated a minimum level of competency.


Full PDP

To achieve the full PDP there is classroom training with a written exam along with a practical assessment set by the awarding body SQA.

The classroom element is normally taken alongside the 5 year renewal of a drivers ADR certificate.  There can then be up to 4 months between the classroom and practical element needed to complete the qualification.

Annual Refresher training

Once a full PDP is gained a driver needs to take annual classroom refresher and an annual practical assessment for the PDP to remain valid.  Once again there is a four month period allowed between the two elements.  There is no certificate for this, the record of annual training and assessment is held on SQA’s secure system.

For further information and frequently asked questions please see SQA's PDP website at

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