Transport News

  1. There will be changes to the way driving tests work for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and bus drivers from 15 November 2021. Find out how the changes affect you.
  2. There will be new rules about towing a trailer or caravan with a car from 15 November 2021. Find out how the changes affect you.
  3. Apply to drive an HGV, bus or coach professionally for up to 12 months before taking all the qualifying tests if you’re doing certain training courses.
  4. Draft legislation concerning minimum engine size requirements for the A2 motorcycle test and licence upgrade entitlements.
  5. Draft regulations to change licence upgrades if you take a test in an automatic vehicle, and to reduce the motorcycle engine capacity needed for some tests.
  6. Increasing capacity for testing candidate HGV drivers, combined with supporting legislation, aims to relieve the pressure on the haulage industry.
  7. Letter from Loveday Ryder, Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), about reducing waiting times, standards checks and HGV driving tests.
  8. Proposes implementing a temporary legislative extension of road haulage cabotage to alleviate pressures with the supply chain due to lorry driver shortages.
  9. Announcing a consultation to temporarily amend cabotage rules and a package of measures to support the pig industry.
  10. Headlamp, position lamps, daytime running lamps, stop lamps, indicators, hazard warning lamps, fog lamps, reversing lamps, lighting ‘tell-tales’, trailer electrical socket, electrical wiring and battery rules and inspection for car and passenger vehicle MOT tests.