Dangerous Goods Training (ADR Courses)

Remote Training Courses - Now in our online classroom - Available from your own home or workplace.

All our ADR course exams are online so the results are known on the same day. 

The carriage of Dangerous Goods and use of transportable pressure equipment regulstions 2009 (amended 2011) require everyone involved in the carriage of dangerous goods to be trained according to their jobe roles and responsibilities. 

For most staff this will require them to have awareness training – please see our awareness training courses.

For Drivers of dangerous goods vehicles (this can be diesel and gas) they require a more in-depth training course known as an ADR Certificate - the duration of which is dependent upon how the goods are to be transported.  Corridans run every training course required for the safe carriage of dangerous goods.  Standard courses include all classes bar 1 – explosives and  7 – radioactives.

Please click on one of the links below for your course option:

ADR – Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Packages or Bulk

ADR – Carriage of Dangerous Goods as above plus Tanks

ADR- Tank carriage addon

ADR – Carriage of Radioactives

ADR – Carriage of Explosives

Any of the above courses can also be conducted at a site of your choice, dependent on course numbers and provided there are suitable facilities available.  Please contact us to discuss your requirement further.