ADR – Carriage of Explosives

Now in our online classroom - Available from your own home or workplace.

Corridans are one of the few training companies qualified to offer a full explosive package wit training courses plus:

Consultancy specilasing in explosive carriage please see our Consultancy advice page.

Also provided are all of the Products necessary for safe transport of Explosives  which can be purchased via our online store.


Explosive Course:

Both the initial course is a 2.5 Day course and the refresher course 1.5 Day are offered. 

These courses are suitable for drivers wishing to carry class 7 Radioactives.

Who should attend:

Anyone wishing to transport explosives in quantities that are subject to the carriage of dangerous goods regulations.

Other staff needing an awareness of the regulations (these do not have to take the SQA examinations)

Benefits of Attending:

Qualifies a driver to carry dangerous goods legally and in compliance of the regulations (upon passing of the examinations)

Course content

  • Core module – concerning the safe transport of goods according to the regulations
  • Class 1 - Explosive

Upon successfully passing the exams set by SQA a vocational certificate is issued by them that is valid for 5 years.  Refresher training is then required to extend this period.

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