Consultancy Service

Used by both local and national companies, Corridans Ltd is able to offer many forms of consultancy services, some of which are listed below. 

But where necessary the company has consulted with companies on many different aspects. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


DGSA – The Company was founded on the Dangerous Goods Consultancy Service first offered by Miss Victoria Corridan before forming the company Corridans as it is today.  This service is seen as a corner stone of the business and a favourite of the founder.

Operator Licence Audits – As the need may arise or the traffic commissioner request Corridans can undertake a full compliance audit with final report to submit to management and in necessary the traffic commissioner.

FIAS – Many companies register under FIAS for the storage and transport of fertiliser.  Corridans is able to assist with FIAS accreditation and compliance.  Where documentation is needed the company has many years of experience in these.

TASCC- Corridans can assist with either initial registration or ongoing compliance with TASCC including the preparation of documents where this is necessary.