Spill Response Training

This course includes both theory and practical training elements,

including a wet spill simulation whereby a range of typical spill response products are deployed.  This allows all delegates to asses all spill control methods effectively and advance their skills as first responders or as spill response teams.

The course covers everything that an operative needs to know when dealing with uncontrolled releases of liquids. All sectors include safety, environment, spill prevention, response planning, liquid hazard identification, spill containment and recovery, waste disposal and relevant National legislation are covered.

The course can be tailored to suit an individual organisations needs or for different managerial levels - supervisory or a management level, this may incur additional costs.  


BS OHSAS 18001.                                                                                              

Our course can help organisations demonstrate that they are actively identifying risks to operatives and working at reducing them as required in The 18001 Standard.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management (EMS)                                                       

Quality assurance training can guide you into achieving and maintaining your ISO 14001 qualification and certificate by highlighting that your organisation has the best practices in place to reduce and limit any environmental impacts that may happen should a spill occur, and show that you can prioritise your environment responsibilities.


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