Consultancy Service

Used by both local and national companies, Corridans Ltd is able to offer consultancy services to the road haulage industry, two main areas requested are operator licence compliance and Dangerous goods.  Other services are available please contact us with your requirements.


Dangerous Goods consultancy

Miss V Corridan is the company's DGSA - a Chemistry graduate who specialises in dangerous goods and is qualified to advise for road, sea and air transport.

Under EU legislation, many companies who ship dangerous goods by road are required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). The DGSA has numerous responsibilities, but these include:

  • Monitoring compliance with the law
  • Advising on the transport of dangerous goods and relevant training requirements
  • Preparing an annual report of the employers’ activities
  • Monitoring a range of procedures and safety measures
  • Investigating and compiling reports on any accidents or emergencies
  • Advising on the potential security aspects of transport


 Operator Licence Compliance Audit

It is important for transport companies to know that their company continues to comply with the standards required of it; and which they undertook to comply with when applying for their operator's licence.  This compliance audit is to help provide peace of mind that the company continues to meet the criteria of those undertakings in the changing regulatory world of road haulage.

A full report is produced with recommendations and guidance for any improvements possible to help the company achieve both compliance and industry standards.


The Audit Includes

Operator's License - Type, Conditions, Margin & Inspection intervals.

Driver's Hours - EU Regulations, Working Time and Records of both.

Vehicle Maintenance and Inspections - Records, Scheduling and Drivers Daily Checks.

Operational Issues - Driver licences, Overloading, Health and Safety