Corridans offers a full range of logistics courses from Drivers to Managers giving your company the skills needed to drive it forward.



Our construction skills courses range from plant machinery courses of all types to access equipment, working at height and much more.




Corridans online web store offers corproate branded clothing, PPE, spill kits that are off the shelf or made to your specification.




Both the one day Emergency First Aid course and the 3 day full First Aid qualification are offered.



  Bespoke training courses

Courses offered inlcude:

Working at Height

Harness Training

Manual Handling

Spill Training

Slinging and Signaler

Wearhouse Courses

Forklift Operation







Corridans offers a profesional consultancy service, specialising in dangersous goods transport and company audits. 



Consultancy Service

Used by both local and national companies, Corridans Ltd is able to offer consultancy to the road haulage industry.

Dangerous Goods consultancy

Miss V Corridan is the company's DGSA - a Chemistry graduate who specialises in dangerous goods and is qualified to advise for road, sea and air transport.

 Under EU legislation, many companies who ship dangerous goods by road are required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). The DGSA has numerous responsibilities, but these include:


Monitoring compliance with the law

Advising on the transport of dangerous goods and relevant training requirements

Preparing an annual report of the employers’ activities

Monitoring a range of procedures and safety measures

Investigating and compiling reports on any accidents or emergencies

Advising on the potential security aspects of transport

 A DGSA can either be an employee, or externally appointed.




Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP)


Here at Corridans we are now able to offer the PDP course to tanker drivers at our training centre. The course is a half day course for the practical assessment and half a day course for the classroom based assessment


Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) information

The passport is renewed on a five year cycle, but has an annual refresher requirement

The PDP scheme applies to drivers who load, offload and transport the following products

UN1202 - Gas oil or diesel fuel or heating oil, light

UN1203 - Gasoline or petrol motor spirit

UN1223 - Kerosene

UN1863 - Fuel, aviation and turbine engines

The PDP is an industry initiative, backed by the government to ensure all tanker drivers in the UK are trained and assessed to a consistent high standard.  The PDP scheme sets a benchmark in competency against which all road tanker drivers who are loading, transporting and offloading petroleum fuel products in road tankers in the UK are measured.  Competency is assessed both practically and in the classroom.

For terminal operators this provides a level of confidence that tanker drivers holding a valid PDP who enter the terminal boundary to load products, have achieved and demonstrated a minimum level of competency.


Interim PDP

For the interim PDP, you will be given classroom training covering key content from the Industry Training Standard. You will then take a written (multiple choice) assessment, set by SQA. There is also a practical assessment in the industry sub-sector most relevant to your workload.


Full PDP

To achieve the full PDP, you will undertake PDP training and a full written (multiple choice) assessment, set by SQA. You will take this alongside your five-yearly ADR renewal training and assessment. You will also take a practical assessment.


Refresher training

After 2014, you will have to take annual classroom refresher and an annual practical assessment for your PDP to remain valid. Your record of annual training and assessment will be held on SQA’s secure system.

Corridans are able to offer all of these qualifications and qualification routes.

First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid Courses

Corridans is an accredited organisation for the delivery of first aid courses.

The courses offered are:First Aid Box

First aid at work: a three-day (18 hours) course

First aid at work requalification: a two-day (12 hours) course for those whose First aid at work certificate is due to expire.

Emergency First Aid at Work: a one-day (six hours) course.


How many first aiders of what type are required?

Every company needs to undertake their own risk assessment to determine the amount of people and equipment required in the workplace. This risk assessment should be renewed every 3 years in line with the qualification duration. The following is the HSE’s guide on suggested numbers of first-aid personnel to be available at all times when staff are at work.


From your risk assessment, what degree of hazard is associated with your work activities?

How many employees do you have?

What first-aid personnel do you need?

Low hazard

eg offices, shops, libraries

Less than 25

At least one appointed person


At least one first-aider trained in EFAW

More than 50

At least one first-aider trained in FAW for every 100 employed (or part thereof)

Higher hazard

eg light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufacture

Less than 5

At least one appointed person


At least one first-aider trained in EFAW or FAW depending on the type of injuries that might occur

More than 50

At least one first-aider trained in FAW for every 50 employed (or part thereof)


Please use the contact page for more information, or to book a course.


For First Aid kits please see the shop.

Driver CPC

All current drivers over 3.5T as of September 2009 must undertake 35 hours / 5 days training by September 2014 in order to obtain a driver’s CPC entitlement and be able to drive in a hire and reward function after this date. New drivers will need to undertake the initial driver cpc. There are a few exceptions to this, but please contact Corridans if you are unsure.


Corridans Current Driver CPC Course Options

ADR – Dangerous Goods Vocational Training Certificate

1, 2, or 3 days of this course can count towards the driver CPC.


One Day Courses

Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

Emergency First Aid at Work

Drivers’ hours with analogue and digital tachographs

Safe vehicle loading with safe and economic driving, defect checks and vehicle security.


Corridans is directly approved by JAUPT (the awarding body for driver CPC) and are well placed to accommodate a company's individual needs. Other courses can be added to cater for your Company's needs, dependant on numbers and location.


Courses are run at Scunthorpe or at your site (if suitable facilities and numbers allow). Please contact us for further information or booking.


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