ADR Courses

Corridans is one of only a few training providers that has approval to run courses for the Radioactive Labelstandard 7 classes of dangerous goods and also for the specialists of Explosives and Radioactive classes.   
Courses are regularly run at our own training centre but Corridans also offers courses at customers sites when required.

The course is modularised so that you can pick the subjects you are interested in dependent on the type of carriage and classes. The options are:

Core - Mandatory Subject - covers a variety including the regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods and emergency procedures.
Packages - Needed for those wanting to transport dangerous goods in packages.
Tankers - Needed for those wanting to transport dangerous goods in tankers.Flammable Liquid
Classes - There are 9 classes of dangerous goods and any of these can be chosen but most people opt for a standard 7 classes (i.e. all classes bar explosives and radioactives).

The exams for each module are multiple choice. Corridans has an excellent pass rate. But should you fail one you can come back and only have to sit the module failed.

ADR training will count towards your driver CPC qualification once it starts after 10th September, when 35hours training will need to be taken every 5 years. 21 Hours of the ADR Initial will count towards the driver CPC and 7 hours of the refresher course will count currently. For further information please contact us.

One Day Hazard AwarenessCorrosive Label symbol

Anyone who is involved in he carriage of dangerous goods must receive training appropriate to their responsibilities and duties
This covers such people as Carriers, Consignors, Loaders, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agencies and Drivers not covered by the driver training requirements. The training must be documented and periodically refreshed to take account of changes in the regulations


Details of the SQA scheme
Information for Candidates
Form for a duplicate ADR Card
which can be printed and sent to SQA
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