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Changes to NPORS Construction Plant Operator cards

NPORS are now able to offer NPORS/CSCS Red Trained Operator Card and Blue Competent Operator Cards as well as the traditional NPORS operators card.

Upon passing an NPORS test, should you request for an NPORS/CSCS card you will be issued one of the following:

  • If you don't have an NVQ relevant to that item of plant, you will be issued an NPORS/CSCS Red Trained Operator Card that lasts two years. This is not renewable, so you will be required to achieve a plant NVQ within that time span to proceed further.
  • If you already have an NVQ relevant to that item of plant, you will be issued an NPORS/CSCS Blue Competent Operator Card that lasts five years and is renewable.

Please note that prior the test, you will also need to have passed the Health, Safety and Environmental Touch Screen Test within the past two years.

If you do not require the CSCS logo on your NPORS card, the option to apply for an NPORS Traditional card will still remain.

Training courses can be delivered at our centre in Scunthorpe or in house.

We offer on site assessments and all full training courses.

ALL courses delivered by ex-perienced and qualified instructors with an emphasis on small and personal learning and teaching.

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