New Speed Limits

New Speed Limits As of 6th April

New speed limits have come into force in England and Wales from the 6th April.

The new national speed limits for HGV's are 50mph on a single carriage way road and 60 mph on a dual carriage way road.  However vehicles that are limited will still have to ensure that they do not over run the speed limiter (effectively meaning the top speed will be 56mph).  Note these limits only apply where the national speed limit applies to the road other roads will still be subject to lower limits.

Transport Minister Claire Perry said:

"It is really important that speed limits for lorries reflect the needs of a modern transport network and improved vehicle technology”.

"Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world and I am determined to ensure this continues. This change is about ensuring rules for lorry drivers’ speed limits are in line with other larger vehicles on our roads, creating a fairer and more proportionate system."

These changes update the speed rules that were originally set in the 1980's.  Let us hope that this will make single carriage ways safer with effectively less difference in speeds between vehicles using the roads.



Clock Change

Remember to Change your Tachograph Clock

Clocks change today! going one hour forward to British Summertime.

So your tachograph needs altering to show the new local time.

Ener the vehicle menu  (OK or return arrow)

Use the arrow down or right (dependent on tachograph type) and go to vehicle entry (siemens) or settings menu (stoneridge and Actia) Press OK or return arrow.

Use the arrows (down or right) to go to Local time.  Press OK or return.

Press the up (siemens & Stoneridge) or right arrow (actia) twice and press OK or return.

Congratulations You have successfully changed your local time!